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Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:West Virginia, United States of America
I'm a melancholic-choleric xNFP. I'm also an English Literature major with a minor in French (or at least I will be again next fall) who excessively enjoys reading mystery novels. I'm a liberal Christian non-religious Taoist and a feminist, but I also have an irreverent sense of humor and I love black comedy. I like horror movies and world cinema. I'm a foodie who sometimes cooks. I'm passionate about socio-economic class issues and protecting the environment. I try to be sensible but sometimes my lack of sanity shows.

Compassion. Moderation. Humility.

Interests (131):

12, 1900's, 1920's, 1930's, 19th century, 20's music, 4, agatha christie, amelie, appalachian studies, architecture, barefoot, big old scary houses, bike riding, bipolar disorder, blue, blue grass, brideshead revisited, bright young things, c.s. lewis, cage free, canada, cat loving, cat macros, christianity, clay's quilt, clue, cold mountain, compassion, cooking, democratic socialism, depeche mode, donnie darko, downton abbey, dracula, early 80's new wave, eastern europe, eating less meat, edgar allan poe, enfp, england, english romanticism, environmental issues, eugene onegin, evelyn waugh, f.scott fitzgerald, fawlty towers, france, french, goethe, gothic, henry miller, history, horror movies, house at pooh corner, humility, imogen heap, infp, interpol, interwar years, joy division, keyboard cat, laibach, late 70's soft rock, let the right one in, liberal christians, mad men, margot, moderation, moonlight sonata, morrissey, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, mystery novels, new order, nick cave, open windows, organic milk, pan's labyrinth, panic! at the disco, pineapple, plants, poirot, post-punk, prayer, psychiatry, reading, rivers, russia, save me the waltz, sebastian flyte, sleepy hollow, soup, staring at the wall, sweet apple chicken sausage, swimming, taking walks, tea, tell no one, the colbert report, the cure, the importance of/being earnest, the modern era, the namesake, the ocean, the paranormal, the pet shop boys, the producers, the return, the royal tenenbaums, the shining, the sorrows of young werther, the tao of meow, the tao of pooh, the te of piglet, the thief, the white stripes, tori amos, toto, tropic of cancer, twin peaks, under the milky way, victorian literature, vile bodies, warm rain, watching movies, water, wind in the willows, writing, wuthering heights, yeah yeah yeahs
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